What is Wikidot

Wikidot is a unique project aiming at developing one of the most promising wiki products. The Wikidot project consists of a few components:

  • Wikidot.com — free wiki hosting service where everyone can start a wiki
  • Wikidot software, free and open-sourced.

This portal, i.e. wikidot.org, is about the software and the community of users, developers, administrators, enthusiasts and fans gathered around the project.

Wikidot software has many unique features that make it a best-choice software in many situations. As the only open-source wiki it provides a multi-wiki and multi-user environment — one instance of Wikidot can host even thousands of wikis and creation of new websites takes just a few seconds.

Notable features include:

  • Reliability — the software is used to run Wikidot.com, a 24/7 wiki hosting service, since 2006.
  • Performance — single installation can easily handle very high traffic and high user activity.
  • Scalability — installations can scale well by adding more resources (servers, disks etc.).
  • Open sourced — licensed under AGPLv3 benefits from open-source software movement that improves quality, reliability and speeds up development.
  • Free — $0 price tag
  • One installation — many wikis
  • Advanced page editing options
  • AJAX-based interface

TODO: more features

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