The Easier Wikidot Home Network Install

This page is deprecated.

Here is an easy way to get Wikidot V1 running on your home network:


This method wraps up everything in the howto:
Wikidot Home Network Install plus adds a couple new improvements.

This method installs all packages required by Wikidot to run.
It also installs all optional packages including the Ubuntu Desktop and pgAdmin III which require the Language Setting when you install to be United States.

The whole process takes about an hour, depending on your hardware and Internet connection speed. While most of this install is waiting for stuff to finish, there are a handful of prompts you will have to respond to. You will have to keep an eye on the progress.

Using This Guide

Everything in red text is what you type at the command prompt.

Install Ubuntu 7.10 Server


Do a "plain installation" with the language United States (no extra packages except maybe Samba if you want Windows compatible file sharing).


Pick a meaningful name for your server. This will end up being the primary name of your wikidot web site. Unless you plan on going live on the Internet, pick a name that is NOT a registered domain name.

Boot Your New Server

After the basic server install is done and you have rebooted, login with the username and password you created during install.

Note: After rebooting, if it seems like the computer is hung up and you see "* Running local boot scripts (/etc/rc/local) ........ [ok], just hit Enter to get a login prompt.

Next, you want to operate with "root" user privileges by doing this:

> $ sudo su -

You are prompted for your password and you will see the prompt change from "> $" to "> #".

The Easy Part

Set up a directory to download the scripts

> # mkdir /var/wdsetup
> # cd /var/wdsetup

Download the scripts archive and extract the files

Note: 2/18/2008 - uploaded version 3
(older versions had some bugs)

> # wget
> # tar -xzf wdsetup3.tar.gz

Run the first script (the bulk of the install)

> # . /var/wdsetup/wd1_setup1.bash

That's [period][space]/var…

Run the second script as the postgres user

> # su postgres
> # . /var/wdsetup/wd1_setup2.bash

That's [period][space]/var…

Run the last script with root privliges

> $ exit (to return to root user)
> # . /var/wdsetup/wd1_setup3.bash

That's [period][space]/var…

Note: Configuration details can be found here

Reboot Your Server

> # reboot

Log in to your Wikidot

After rebooting, enter your username and password to enter the Ubuntu Desktop.

  • open Firefox and navigate to, click login.
  • use e-mail: admin@wikidot ; password: ADMIN1

You will have several updates to install - watch the notifications!

Additional Script

There is an additional script to help you manage your /etc/hosts file.
One of the limitations at this point to running your server in a home network is that additional custom wiki sites that are created are unreachable until they are manually added to your /etc/hosts file.

Any time you need to update your hosts file to add a new site, just open a terminal window and:
> # sudo su -
> # . /var/wdsetup/wd1_hosts.bash

That's [period][space]/var…

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