Debian-based Wikidot Installer

This should work. If it doesn't, report to forum.

Get Wikidot Installation Script

Enter a terminal or if your installation is CLI, your ready to go.

The code in bold is what you type in.

$ sudo su -

You may be prompt to enter your password. Just enter your login password.

$ mkdir /var/wdos

$ cd /var/wdos

$ wget

Executing Wikidot Installation Script

$ . /var/wdos/1

Get Wikidot

$ sudo su -
$ cd
$ git clone git:// wikidot
$ cd wikidot
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

Prepare PostgreSQL

$ exit
$ sudo sudo -u postgres make prepare_db

Configure Wikidot

$ sudo su -
$ cd
$ cd wikidot
$ make
$ ./wikidotctl start

To stop Wikidot run: ./wikidotctl stop

Configuring Wikidot

  1. After executing make, you will see a long url starting with….
  2. Copy the url to a web browser (e.g. Firefox).
  3. You will be asked to enter the admin nickname and password.

This is the script:

# bash script to simplify a Wikidot install.
# by Ed Johnson
# v.02, 2/17/2008
# edited by tsangk
# v.1  29/6/2009
# must be running as root user (sudo su -)
ROOT_UID=0     # Only users with $UID 0 have root privileges.
E_NOTROOT=67   # Non-root exit error.
# Run as root.
if [ "$UID" -ne "$ROOT_UID" ]
  echo "Must be root to run this script."
  echo "[sudo su -] and try again."
  exit $E_NOTROOT
# Required packages
echo "deb hardy main restricted universe multiverse" >>/etc/apt/sources.list
apt-get update
echo "***"
echo "*** Installing required packages..."
echo "***"
apt-get install make postgresql-8.3 lighttpd php5-cgi php5-cli php5-pgsql php5-tidy php-pear imagemagick tetex-bin tetex-extra gs-gpl git-core
# Optional SSH Server
echo "***"
echo "*** Installing ssh..."
echo "***"
apt-get install ssh
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