Get Wikidot

There are 2 ways of getting the Wikidot software:

  • checkout from our development (subversion) repository — this will give you the freshest, most up-to-date code and an easy way to update your istallation
  • download a packed archive

At the current stage we would advise using our SVN repository because in the following days number of updates can be quite high.
In the future we will be releasing Wikidot as a packaged software.

Note about versions

Right now, in the initial phase of public development, we are not using versions (tags) for the software. Each snapshot however is identified by the subversion revision number. Packages are identified by dates.


Our publicly available subversion repository is located at: (browsable via and holds all our codebase.
To checkout Wikidot:

# create go to the directory you want to install Wikidot to 
# (we recommend /var/www/wikidot for production servers)
mkdir /var/www/wikidot
cd /var/www/wikidot
svn checkout .

You could also use svn export instead of svn checkout, but this will not keep the link to the repository itself and you will not be able to update the code easily.

Once you "checkouted" the code, you can update it to the newest release very quickly:

cd /var/www/wikidot
svn update

Download a package

Note: at the moment there is no easy way to update Wikidot (other than just overwriting files manually) if you install it from an archive.

What to do next?

Follow the installation guide or Debian/Ubuntu quickstart and you should have Wikidot ready within minutes.

If you are a web developer, you can join us at!

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