Wikidot released under GNU Affero General Public License v3

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Posted on news forum on 31 Jan 2008 by michal frackowiakmichal frackowiak

The Wikidot Team is happy to announce the open-source release of the Wikidot software. We are opening both the Version 1 codebase that currently powers and the new development code for Wikidot 2, our next generation wiki platform, both under GNU Affero General Public License version 3.

We have spent many, many hours on converting into an open-source project but we believe it is worth the effort. Not only you (users, administrators, developers) get another piece of useful software, but hopefully the Wikidot project itself will benefit from feedback and contributions from users and developers.

We have redesigned the website so that it can now be a community hub for Wikidot users. For developers we are preparing a Development wiki and later on we will discuss the development workflow.

Needless to say, we count on the community. There are several ways you could actively support Wikidot.

The current software release is as stable and bug-free as we could do within our time limits and resources. It is greatly enhanced, more modular and configurable than the original software at So if you are planning to use Wikidot in real environment (your work, school, university), give it a try! If there are bugs, we will try to fix them ASAP. (Or, if you could submit fixes, it would be even faster).

So, for all of you who are code-hungry, open-source fans and hard-core wiki users — get Wikidot, read Installation docs (and the great Debian Quickstart) and play with it!

If you want to help developing the Wikidot, join us at!

Good luck!

The Wikidot Team

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